Why Electronic Cigarettes Creates Frenzy

6530412913_ce8d69f2c4_z_large_verge_medium_landscapeElectronic cigarettes are not only causing a smoking revolution but also frenzy among people that wanting to ban it also among groups that support it and health industry leaders that remain skeptical but unable to stop it for now. Local bans on electronic cigarettes are on the rise. But consumer groups supporting vapes are up in arms. Some people are asking adamantly for a comprehensive decision from the United States Food and Drug Administration and the government agency are expected to oblige in the coming weeks. What pushed the electronic cigarette to become such a hot item? Let’s find out more.

Existing in limbo
The whole frenzy all starts with the fact that vapes exist in limbo. It is in a territory which it is classified neither as good nor bad. This is borne by the
fact that there is no comprehensive, long-term and top-notch data to verify
the safety of electronic cigarettes. There have been studies before including
the much vilified study made by the FDA showing some electronic cigarettes
containing an offensive chemical being used as an anti-freeze. Data on the
safety of electronic cigarettes are unavailable due to the fact that it is
relatively new. Electronic cigarettes as we know it today started to hit the
markets 10 years ago. After a few struggles, the vaping industry has gained
ground as about 21 percent of American adults that smoke are now using
electronic cigarettes said the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Precautionary principle perverted
Some consumer groups that are backing vapes have chided the perverse use of the precautionary principle. The precautionary principle basically stops the progression of any new technology unless there is already a definitive study about the risks that are involved. A study made in Drexel University cited that tar-less, tobacco-less and smoke-less vapes do not pose any adverse effects to the body nor can it cause any health problems to bystanders in the form of second-hand smoke.

No commonalities despite
Despite having the same last names, electronic cigarettes and tobacco
cigarettes have little in common. While both products contain nicotine, the
idea behind electronic cigarettes is to wean smokers out of the habit and
finally kick it out and live a relatively healthier life. Unlike tobacco, electronic
cigarettes’ nicotine content can be controlled thus a quitter can slowly detach from the addiction and cushion the impact of the withdrawal symptoms. The problem with tobacco is not with nicotine, even if nicotine is toxic in large amounts, it is in the delivery system where tobacco has failed. Tobacco delivers nicotine together with thousands of chemicals that can cause adverse health effects. This is where the difference lies and should be considered by local officials and health leaders.

Electronic cigarettes exist with a mission. After things have been said and
done, a definitive study will end all debates about the use of vapes. It is
unfair to deny quitters a method which is effective in providing ways to quit
especially, if the method of delivery has never been proven to be dangerous

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