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Why Quitting Is Cool?

images (1)We all know that quitting tobacco promotes good health. That is a no-brainer and everyone knows that. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what wonderful health benefits that one can get once they quit. But other than health benefits, quitting can also give a boost to other aspects of life. Do you need to be convinced more? Here are some non-health benefits that may convince you that it is time to ditch tobacco towards a healthier you.

It can bring more friends
Who would like a person that stinks to high heavens? Of course you would not like to have someone in your circle that has a very bad odor. A person who smokes will have bad breath. This is due to increased bacteria count in the mouth. Apparently, the warm tobacco is an ideal atmosphere that increases the amount of bacteria in the mouth. If you are not looking after your oral hygiene chances are you will have a stinky mouth which can be something that would be pleasing especially when you are trying to win new friends. And that’s not all. Smokers also emit odor through the skin. Some chemicals that are being consumed sometime are excreted by the body through the skin aside from other avenues like the feces and the urine. The sweat may carry chemicals that a person got from smoking. The chemicals may carry unusual odor which may be offensive.

It can lead to better sex
Smoking has a way of making your sex life one of the worse. You see blood circulation gets restricted when you smoke a lot. This is on top of the fact that carbon monoxide restricts the ability of oxygen to bond with the blood. Combine this factors altogether it can lead to potential sexual problems down the road. Smokers have been known to suffer from erectile dysfunction. So the next time that you are having problem bringing that thing up, perhaps it is time to think things over and finally end your tobacco addiction for good. Read review about smoking essay on

It can make you make you richer
Yes, quitting can make you richer. You see if you ditch smoking you are no
longer spending money that goes up into smoke. Once you quit, you can
allocate the savings that you get to buy stuff you want or to put it in an
investment so that it can grow over time. Quitting smoking is not just about
investing on your health but it can also lead to financial investments that can
make you richer that is if you play your cards right.It can make you smarter
No it is not about the effects of smoking in the brain. Quitting can make you
appear brilliant because you are not so dork enough to continue with the
addiction knowing its ill effects. So you appear to be smarter than smokers
simply because you know more than any other that smoking is bad for the

Smoking is bad and there is no debate about that. It is perhaps time to push
for a cleaner and healthier world. One of the ways to do this is to promote
healthy living, right diet and exercise and of course quitting things that can
damage the body such as smoking.

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