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Which Is Better Disposables or Reusable Electronic Cigarettes

WhiteCloud_Cirrus3x_CloseUp2Electronic cigarettes have two basic categories. They are the disposables and the reusable or sometimes called the rechargeable. Each category offers a set of advantages and disadvantages. What is common between the two is the fact that both can deliver the nicotine to the body minus the 6,000 chemicals that can make people sick. If you are a smoker trying to find out which one suits you, here are some things that you need to know before you choose.

Disposables are the most ubiquitous type of electronic cigarettes being sold in the market. You can buy it almost anywhere you can buy regular cigarettes. It is not called disposable for nothing. It is the type of electronic cigarette that you can throw away when the liquid inside has dried up. The advantage of disposable is in simplicity. Unlike the rechargeable, you need not to think about the batteries or to experience the hassle of filling up the cartridge to use it. Disposable electronic cigarettes provide a similar experience that smokers of tobacco used to have. Once it is done you simply throw it away.

One of the disadvantages of disposables is in the disposing part.  Disposables are not biodegradable which means it can easily fill sanitary landfills. Disposable electronic cigarettes are not designed to be used again. This is the reason why disposable electronic cigarettes are less desirable as the poster child for Mother Nature’s cause.

Disposable electronic cigarettes limit your choices for flavors. The good thing about smoking vapes is the flavor. With disposables this is very hard to achieve since smokers are stuck to what flavor is pre-installed in the tube.

On the other side, refillables are for serious vapers. The nice thing about refillables is the fact you can use it over and over again. This makes the refillables friendlier to the environment. You will not see much refillables inside landfills unless they are too worn out. Refillables are the perfect solution for green vaping.

Serious vapers like refillables for the simple reason that there are choices. Refillable electronic cigarettes provide variety which disposables cannot. There is a freedom of choice which flavors to use with refillables.

The disadvantage of using refillables is the fact that it can be expense up front. However, rechargeable electronic cigarettes tend to be more cost effective in the long run. Refillable electronic cigarettes are designed to provide more savings later down the road. Another disadvantage of refillable electronic cigarettes is the fact that it can be a hassle to refill. Disposables need not to be refilled and you just throw it away. This is not the case with refillables where you need to recharge it with a new amount of e-liquid when the cartridge is already empty. Maintenance is a key issue with refillables. This is non-existent with disposable electronic cigarettes.

The verdict which among the two is better lies on your hands. If you are trying out the vaping game it is best to stick to disposables. As you move to become a serious vaper it is best to choose refillables due to cost and flavor considerations.

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