Can Electronic Cigarettes Can Cure The Smoking Problem

E-cigarettesPeople can debate all day and all night but from a harm reduction standpoint, electronic cigarettes are healthier alternatives to tobacco smoking. Notwithstanding the potential health risks that are out there, the fact that electronic cigarettes do not have the 6,000 chemicals that in tobacco is a great upgrade indeed. Vapers agree that there is a need to have an asterisk on the claims of being able to quit and become healthier with vapes. But until the day there are bodies of studies to support competing claims then electronic cigarettes are the cure that can solve the smoking problem all over the world.

How big is the problem?
Tobacco is a $90 billion industry in America. But tobacco is also responsible for six million deaths worldwide and half a million of the deaths are in America. Tobacco smoking is costing the US health care system almost $200 billion a year. The long-term health effects of smoking have been well documented. Not only that. People that live or work near smokers are also affected. Second-hand smoke, according to the World Health Organization, has caused 600,000 deaths each year worldwide.

What is stopping electronic cigarettes?
The problem with the wider use of electronic cigarettes is about safety. If you look at electronic cigarettes ability to reduce the harm then it is good. A vaper can get all the nicotine they like minus the chemicals that can destroy the cells and harm the body. Yet the dream of using electronic cigarettes as a total cessation device hit a snag in 2009 when the Food and Drug Administration saw things in vapes that are not supposed to be there. The funny thing is that when the same test was performed again the offending chemicals that supposed to make vapes less safe were gone.

What are the proofs?
Unlike in the United States there are a significant number of studies that have shown the effectiveness of vapes to help people quit smoking. There have been studies in the United Kingdom and Italy proving that indeed electronic cigarettes can help smokers quit. In the event that quitting rate is not plausible, vapes were more effective in helping smokers to cut down on their tobacco consumption. It is a good thing. That is better than nothing.

Why the FDA is unconvinced?
The FDA maintains that since electronic cigarettes are largely unregulated it can lead to people to use it for re-creation. There have been claims that it can be used by young people to get initiated to nicotine addiction and eventually will pick up a tobacco to satisfy the fix. Yet, there is a pocket study that showed that people that have been using vapes for the sake of vaping are not likely to progress into smoking real tobacco. May be you will need fake id to buy electronic cigarettes, check first, chfake review.

Yes, the jury is still out on electronic cigarettes. The FDA is set to give out its verdict anytime soon. One thing is for sure. Electronic cigarettes are the future and even Big Tobacco knows this. Relevant and sensible regulations are welcome but stifling it as it is as vile as tobacco is another thing.

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Monday Is The Day You Quit Smoking

the-incredible-cigarette-that-doesnt-cause-cancer-is-changing-the-worldOf course there is no day that you’re supposed to pick to stop smoking. No sir. But if you are thinking of that fateful day when you make a life-changing decision it is also wise to Google it. It seems that a lot of people are searching for terms about quitting tobacco during Mondays. According to a new study search for quitting occurs on Mondays than on any other day of the week after analyzing searches in six languages from 2008 to 2012. What is it so? Let’s try to find out.

Monday is the day
According to a research letter published in the JAMA Internal Medicine journal of the American Medical Association on the average quitters search for items about quitting 25 percent more on Mondays. Saturdays are the days where there is least interest in quitting. Probably it has something to do with still getting a last puff during the weekend before attempting to quit and start the week at the same time.

Monday signifies a fresh new start
What is interesting, researchers are not surprised about this discovery. Researchers say that Monday is perceived as something that is associated with a fresh new start which is true with quitting tobacco. It is not coincidental that the government website also gets a spike on its traffic on—you guessed it right—Mondays. So unless you are Garfield, Monday is a really nice reflection of the resolve of quitters to finally embrace a healthy lifestyle and finally forego a nightmarish abduction in the clutches of nicotine addiction.

Monday gives a way to reach smokers
The new findings give a new perspective to health authorities on how to reach quitters and how to push for the agenda of finally ending their smoking habit. The new information is a new clue that the health leaders can use on how to skew their programs to take advantage of this phenomenon. It could lead to more ads appearing on Mondays and concentrating the efforts to inform the public about the horrors of smoking during the weekends so that quitters would have extra impetus to find out how to quit by Monday.

Monday gives hope to quitters
The new information also opens up a powerful message to smokers that have tried to quit and failed in the past. The new study can give health leaders more leverage to help people that are trying to quit and this time improve the chances of success. Mondays are a symbol of giving hope that if you get a relapse, there is another Monday where you can try and quit smoking anew. It seems in a year you can get 52 opportunities to quit which relieves some pressure and improves the chances of really getting out of the habit. Mondays may not be the most thrilling day for partying but it is certainly a great day for quitting. Well you can quit almost every day but a fresh start would be something that can push you more to achieve greatness.

Pick the right product
When quitting, it’s really important to use something that really works. E-cigarettes are officially not devices for quitting smoking, but with the help of e-cigs more people than ever have been able to quit smoking. Choosing a good e-cig brand is important as well. We’d suggest Green Smoke or EverSmoke, but it’s up you you which is the best for you. So, start your week with a good e-cig and most likely you will be able to quit.

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